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Improvement focused seafarer data collection for the maritime industry

Our expert team utilises bespoke data collection methods to provide personalised reports to prioritise the well-being of seafarers and improve safety and efficiency onboard vessels.

Cargo Ship at Port

PsyFyi assists owners and operators to identify positive and negative trends which are developing on board in real time. We consider all partners we are dealing with, including seafarers, as experts. 

We communicate directly with the seafarer to identify operational inefficiencies and report these back to you to ensure change leads to a more efficient, effective and safer working practice on board.

Our innovative system SeaQ™ collects and collates data regarding the behavioural, organisational and environment factors currently happening on board vessels by communicating directly with your seafarers using their personal mobile phone. 

Our systems and questions have been developed to assist operators to identify operational inefficiencies, any potential for knowledge sharing, and real time risk assessment of the human element.

How Can SeaQ Help?

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Increase crew retention

Motivation and recognition are key in retaining good seafarers. Our seamless system communicates directly to the seafarers, making information sharing easy and instant and helping crew feel connected to the wider organisation. 

Knowledge sharing

Taking the positives from those vessels that work efficiently and effectively we can share knowledge across the fleet by using real examples of exceptional processes across similar tonnage to increase safety and motivation across the fleet.

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A Port Worker

Organisational Integration

SeaQ is designed to identify and limit risk which occurs from the human element. We work alongside your organisation to help implement your companies individual ethos, mission and vision and ensuring that the crew are working 100% in line with this.

Bench marking greater safety culture

We encourage our clients to market the commercial and operational advantages which SeaQ offers. Using SeaQ will increase retention and enhance safety; we support the idea that quality operators deserve greater recognition and freight rates.

Cargo Ship at Sea
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